Providing detailed insight on your advertising performance

Stratosphere gives advertisers the insight into every connection with the platform. Every impression is recorded and all interactions tracked. Some of the metrics delivered are detailed below.



An engagement is recorded the first time a user’s mouse through or enters the boundary of an ad and stays within that boundary for one second or more. An engagement is measured at most once per impression.

Engagement Rate

The ratio of number of engagements to impressions.


Interactions are user initiated events. User initiated events are defined as events in which a user has physically interacted with the ad. Examples of user initiated events are clicks on the ad, rollovers, videos plays and tab clicks.

Interaction Rate

The ratio of number of interactions to impressions. Formula: Interactions / impressions.

Time on Unit

An aggregate of the average time a user spends interacting with an ad.


A rollover is recorded when a user’s mouse is engaged with the ad for one second or more.


Any click within the ad unit that links a user to an outside URL.


Shares are tracked for the following properties (additional properties can be added upon request.)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • SMS
  • Email and
  • Yahoo

Items that can be shared include, but are not limited to:

  • The entire ad
  • YouTube videos
  • Links within the ad
  • Mobile applications
  • Feeds, and
  • Images

Please note that not all of these items can be shared on every medium above.


Downloads are recorded when a downloadable item within an ad has been activated.


Multiple metrics around videos are tracked. These metrics include:

  • Auto/User initiated video plays
  • Video replays
  • Videos played with sound and
  • Duration of the video watched

Video Duration

Video duration is measured and aggregated based on quarterly segments. The counts are determined when a video has been watched at a quarter, half three quarters and full increments.

Additional Custom Metrics

Many of our units require custom actions that are not defined in the actions above. Almost all user/auto initiated action within an ad can be tracked. If the ad unit that is built contains actions that are not listed above, we will integrate custom labels and definitions to fit the needs of our clients.

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