It’s not about the click, it’s about engagement!

Stratistic Mobile is a rich media solution for those serious about taking their mobile ads to the next level.

Be free

We can seamlessly build, serve and measure, true HTML5 ads for a vast array of iOS and Android devices.

  • Suport for touch events and interaction
  • Social media integration
  • Immersive video experiences
  • Animation and dynamic elements
  • Geolocation and location-based features
  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce)

Mobile advertising solutions for iOS and Android devices

We can also create a highly customised mobile web apps for iOS and Android devices. Combine your branding and Stratistic interactive elements, creating a mobile partner to your online display ad unit. Customised splash screens and assets using HTML/CSS, offer a polished, professional look and feel. Below is a list of supported assets we can include in your mobile ad unit:

  • Twitter feed – Twitter username and feed type (updates, search, list)
  • Facebook – Facebook fan page URL
  • Blog feeds – RSS, Atom, or RDF feed
  • YouTube – YouTube username; feed type (uploads, favorites, search)
  • Photo feeds – Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Tumblr, or TwitPic
  • Poll – single question poll, Q&A with graphical results
  • Google map and calendar integration for events and location data. Tell consumers where you are with key information about events.

Stratistic: partnering with InMobi

We are pleased to announce our partnership with InMobi, the leading global platform for mobile brand advertising. InMobi's cloud-based best-in-class rich media solution enables us to drive innovative, unique and effective creative executions for our clients. Also, by leveraging InMobi's build once, run everywhere vision, we can deliver high engagement and high touch premium brand experiences across Android, iOS and the mobile web quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

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